Women's Leadership and Career Development Program

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About The Program

The Live Your Potential flagship program is a 2.5 day leadership and career development program designed exclusively for ambitious, motivated professional women who are ready to be more and earn more, give more and get more.

Award-winning trainers Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan guide program participants to reflect on their interests, competencies, and passion, allowing them to set clear professional goals and a strategic course of action.

The program helps enhance leadership soft skills that are cornerstones for career success: self-awareness, self-motivation, social & emotional intelligence, communicating own value & voicing goals, and building relationships & networks. As a result, participants gain increased confidence, a “can-achieve” attitude, and a greater sense of personal leadership.

Program Components

Start the strategic process of goal-setting and action planning while reflecting on your interests, competencies and passion.
Identify your unique personal brand and articulate your value to your target community with clarity and confidence. Create strategies to communicate a consistent brand message across multiple channels in your professional life.
Build confidence in your influencing power and ability to reach a win-win agreement. Advance your competencies and strategies to effectively negotiate upwards or sideways within your organizations, or externally with clients or suppliers.
Develop core strategies to grow your professional network while strengthening existing relationships. Learn how to engage stakeholders through the power of storytelling.
Diversity & Inclusion, Social & Emotional Intelligence
Develop personal leadership skills boosting your “people skills”. Learn how to build inclusive relationships in the workplace, effectively work in diverse teams, and increase your self-mastery and social intelligence.
Build on the learnings from Modules 1-5 and create a clear, strategic action plan that brings tangible results. Establish an accountability structure to stay on track and meet your goals.
Receive complimentary invitation to exclusive LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event, open to LYP Program graduates ONLY. Engage in honest conversation with inspiring female panelists/mentors who have overcome their hurdles to live their potential. Bring your burning questions and create meaningful relationships with mentors who are there to share their strategies and tips for success.

Please note: This 2 hr Panel Discussion and Networking Event will take place within two weeks after completion of the program.

Access to private on-line LYP alumni page.
VIP invitation and alumni discounted tickets to LYP events.

Why LYP?

There is a shortage in the Greater Toronto Area of comprehensive and compact programs that support women who are already employed, but who need certain skills or support for career happiness and leadership development. The LYP Program responds to these needs by providing an in-depth program run over two full days.

The Program is also led by 2 award-winning trainers, who are present during the entire program. This allows each participant to receive 1:1 feedback and attention from both trainers. We also make it a point to keep our participant number small, so that it becomes a more personalized experience for everyone. This further creates a safe and intimate learning environment, where the participants create a stronger connection with each other and the trainers.

Last but not least, LYP is a sisterhood and has a strong, supportive alumnae community of ambitious, motivated women. We take pride in the fact that our mentorship & support for our alumnae does not end at program completion. LYP provides continued opportunities to grow and connect with like-minded professionals by offering events/platforms such as the LYP Talk Series, the LYP Workshops, private Alumnae Networking Events, and the LYP private on-line alumnae community, where we continuously share resources, opportunities, information with our alumnae.

Who is it for?

The LYP Program is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages, and stages in their professional lives. Women in both managerial and non-management positions can benefit from the program.

The program is for you if you want to:

  • improve your confidence and develop your soft skills
  • explore new career opportunities but are unsure where to start
  • set clear professional goals to climb up the career ladder
  • regain a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in you current job
  • join a community of like-minded women
  • expand your network and connect with mentors
  • develop a strategic action plan that brings tangible results