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It is an honor to receive such high praise from our LYP alumna.
Below are some examples of their Testimonials & Success Stories:

Sharnelle K,

Social Media Manager


Arevik S,

Manager-Special Projects


Stephanie S.

Marketing Strategist


As a woman in the heavily male-dominated field of Chemistry, I joined the LYP program to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to break the glass ceiling in my industry. Through the program, I became clearer on my personal brand and also gained new perspective on how to network strategically. I have a better understanding of who I am, how I add value and am ready to confidently share that brand message with my community.

In fact, with this clarity and confidence, I started working on some of my action plan items right away even as soon as on my train ride back to Ottawa upon program completion. For instance, I’ve started updating my LinkedIn profile, reconnecting with past connections to strengthen those relationships, and asking for recommendations based on the brand message I want to convey about myself.

After the program, I really feel like I can achieve my goals. Thank you Jean & Lilit for your great help.

I feel very grateful to have joined the LYP Program’s Fall session in 2016. This program helped me to clarify and understand which path I should take for my next steps in my career. Now I know what my strengths are and how I can use them to create better opportunities for myself.

I joined the LYP program when I found myself in a transition point facing a challenge of choosing my career path for the next 5 to 10 years. I was very excited to learn about the program and to be eventually a participant. During two intensive days of full-packed content, our experienced trainers, Jean and Lilit, provided us with valuable tips and best practices on better personal branding, strategic networking and much more. I believe concepts learned during the training will be pivotal in getting a clearer picture of my immediate career choices as well as long term perspectives.

I must say the peak of the program was the LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event on Day 3, where all the participants had the opportunity to speak with and get specific tips and inspiration by prominent women from different walks of life. Now, I feel more motivated, empowered, focused and ready to take action!

I am thrilled I came across the Live Your Potential Program. At a time where I was trying to take stock of the year and look ahead, I could have not made a better decision than to take these 2 days of training. There are three main reasons why I would recommend this program: Firstly, I reinforced and explored the knowledge about myself and brought forward the key features of my personality and professional abilities to plan my career with very clear and easy steps to actually make it happen! Secondly, I safely shared and learnt in a highly positive and productive environment of curious and ambitious women. And finally, I practiced the skills learnt during the program in an immediate opportunity created by Jean and Lilit; the LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event exclusive to program participants. I was inspired by the high net-worth of professionals brought together by the Founders of this program. I truly recommend the LYP program. Come and join the network of women ready to live our full potential!

Live Your Potential is a program that caught my attention at an opportune moment in my professional life when I wanted to focus on developing my career but needed the time to reflect on where I was and where I wanted to go. I am so grateful to Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan, who have inspired me and other women to pursue their passions and “live their potential”. Their down-to-earth yet professional approach to facilitating this program made my time in the classroom both enjoyable and worthwhile, encouraging me to gain a stronger sense of self-awareness and motivation to realize not just my career goals but my personal aspirations. Professional women at varying stages in their career could benefit from this program.

One word to describe how I felt after the LYP program was ‘life-changing’. The program gave me the tools to better succeed in finding my career path and to do it with confidence. In addition, the two most significant improvements I am going to take away are having stronger strategies for career planning and networking, and also developing my communication skills. Lilit and Jean made this an empowering, life-changing experience for me and I am grateful to have participated in the program.

I work in Japan now and visited Toronto to join the LYP program. The timing of the program was ideal for me as I was experiencing a stage in my life where I was seriously thinking about my future career. Before taking the program, I was very confused about what I’ve been doing professionally and where my career was headed. Through the program, I was able to clarify my professional goals and also acquired various skills to achieve those goals. I was further able to identify what more I needed to work on and create an action plan according. 
Thinking about one’s career requires time and energy. But after the program, I was more confident than before and well-energized by Jean and Lilit. I’m now very excited to take action and achieve my goal.

The program was a very valuable experience for me because it really opened my eyes to various aspects of my career development, like enhancing my negotiation skills and being focused and strategic in achieving my professional goals. I especially liked how the program had a very systematic approach to self-reflection and career planning, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is seeking positive change in their professional life. Thank you to Lilit and Jean, who were not only professional and knowledgeable, but who also provided me with much-needed honest feedback and support throughout the program!

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Jean and Lilit for being such great professional advisors and trainers during the LYP Program. The program has broadened my view about the professional world, which I will face immediately after my graduation. It also prepared me psychologically on how a woman can excel in the professional world and encouraged me to pursue a successful future career in my dream job in the finance field. Upon completion of the program I challenged myself to take the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 exam, and I recently received a letter indicating that I passed the exam! I am so happy about the results because it will be my first step to pursue my career in finance, and I am now more confident in myself than ever. All the knowledge I learned in the LYP Program was so valuable to strategically prepare myself for my career planning & development. Thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity.