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Our Brand

Our Mission

At LYP, our mission is to empower, educate, and enable individuals to live their fullest potential. Through our high-impact programs and events, we create opportunities for leadership & career development and foster a community of like-minded individuals.

Our Values





individuals to lead with confidence and impact
vulnerability and honour 
one's true self
a supportive community of
like-minded individuals


long-term, synergistic partnerships to co-create positive change


socially for the advancement of women and marginalized communities

LYP is a story of partnership between two like-minded women, who first came together with the mission to educate, empower, and enable women professionals.  


Both immigrants to Canada, the two of us met at a networking event for internationally-educated professionals in Toronto. It was not long before we bonded over our common desire to empower women and youth, and we knew we wanted to create something together that would fill the gap in existing programs to support women in their leadership and career development journeys. So, we joined forces, and in 2016, our flagship LYP Women’s Leadership & Career Development Program was born. LYP stood for Live Your Potential; a reflection of our goal to help women fly high and reach their full potential.  


Our Story: Co-Founders' Message

Since then, the LYP Talk Series, Individual Coaching, Organizational Consulting & Training have been added to LYP’s brand offerings, allowing us to support more individuals and organizations across Canada and beyond. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we pivoted many of our offerings to on-line, attracting audiences from around the world. We are grateful to have forged strong, win-win relationships with various community organizations over the years, and are particularly proud to have some of our very own program alumnae and long-time LYP supporters on the LYP Team. When women support women, incredible things happen.


LYP started with two women who wanted to make a difference. Now, it has grown into a community of hundreds of individuals who celebrate their worth, lead with confidence and impact, and also inspire others to do the same. We look forward to empowering more individuals and organizations to live their full potential in the years to come. 

With gratitude, 

Jean & Lilit  

Co-Founders, LYP Program  

Lilit - LYP Co-Founder
Jean - LYP Co-Founder
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