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For Individuals

LYP Program

LYP Women's Leadership &
Career Development Program

Our Flagship Program started it all.
This comprehensive 
leadership and career development program is designed exclusively for high-potential female talent .

The following are the Program's 6 core modules that strategically build on one another: 

LYP Program

Module 1
& Strategic Career Planning

LYP Program

Module 4
Meaningful Networking


LYP Program

Module 2
Communicating Your Personal Brand 

LYP Program

Module 5
Personal Leadership

LYP Program

Module 3
Negotiation Skills 

LYP Program

Module 6
Action Planning

For details of full program content and benefits

LYP Program

LYP Talk Series

The LYP Talk Series is presented in the form of a Panel Discussion & Networking event.  It provides opportunities for candid discussions around challenges faced by everyday working professionals, and also offers a safe space for meaningful connections among like-minded individuals.

Interested in receiving news of our upcoming Talk Series or becoming an event sponsor/partner?

LYP Program

Individual Coaching

LYP's top-notch, experienced team of coaches
offer customized, individual coaching sessions
on a variety of topics related to
leadership & career management.

To schedule a 20 minute
complimentary discovery call

LYP Program

Funding Opportunities

Each year, our own LYP Scholarships & the generosity of individual/organizational sponsors grant full or partial funding for deserving women in our communities to participate in the LYP Women's Leadership & Career Development Program.

Interested in sponsoring future LYP Scholarships?

To schedule a 20 minute complimentary discovery call to see how the LYP Team can support you

in your career journey.

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