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Welcome to Live Your Potential

At Live Your Potential, our mission is to empower, educate, and enable women to live their fullest potential. Through our high-impact programs and events, we create opportunities for leadership & career development and foster a community of like-minded women.


Before attending the Live Your Potential Program I lacked direction, confidence and clarity in my career goals. After a month of concluding this program I landed my dream job as an Operations and Logistics Coordinator at an excellent company Ecobee Inc. Now my new career path allows me to move forward both professionally and financially thanks to Jean and Lilit. I consider this program an invaluable investment in my personal development and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to move up in their career/profession.

Leticia S.
Operations and Logistics Coordinator at Ecobee Inc.

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The tools and skills that you acquire through the program can be put to use the very next day, and you can see the results right away. In fact, the day after our session on Negotiation & Influencing Skills, I put my newly acquired knowledge to use and was able to negotiate a deal that I wanted! Moreover, Jean and Lilit are great trainers who are smart, informative, witty and above all, extremely supportive. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs that extra help to fulfill their potential. Thank you Jean and Lilit!

Rosamond Z.
Masters Student, ESCP Europe Business School

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I always thought being confident was a privilege for only naturally gifted people. But with the LYP program, I was able to gain confidence by practicing my communication skills, negotiation skills, and influencing power. I also realized the kind of mindful leader I want to become in the future and how to develop my people skills accordingly. The program strategically lets you to deep dive into your real issues and engages you to solve them.  It is truly an amazing opportunity for any women who want to grow both professionally and personally.  

Sujung L.
Marketing Specialist at Microsoft & 2016 LYP Scholarship Recipient

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