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4 Easy Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online


I remember sitting across the table from my manager and colleagues after work one evening and the conversation about social media came up.

My manager said, “I don’t understand millennials today. What’s the point of using social media?”

I briefly told her that social media platforms are important for your own professional development.

My manager raised her eyebrows and asked why.

It’s a good question.

I use social media strategically to build an online presence—a consistent, personal brand.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder Amazon

Here’s how you can build your personal brand online:

Networking Platforms Promote Your Brand and Build Connections

No matter what your profession is, having a platform such as LinkedIn is a great way to tell your story. You can easily demonstrate your skills and qualifications through your headline, accomplishments, endorsements, and recommendations. Staying connected with your employers is also a huge asset, as you never know if you require a reference or an opportunity presents itself through your network. Joining groups and being proactive in online discussions not only keeps you in the loop for opportunities but also allow you to make connections online.

Other brilliant platforms for networking purposes are 10K Coffees and Shapr. As you browse through others’ profiles, you can message individuals that you’re interested to learn more about, mentor, or collaborate with based on their industry, position, and career aspirations.

An Email Signature is Your Secret Weapon

An email signature at the end of all outgoing messages provides a small snippet of your personal brand. A great way to make use of your email signature is to add your name, the title of your current position(s), your aspiring role(s), and what you stand for. Also, include any links to direct others to your social media outlets, personal blog, and professional website. You can even generate your own email signature for free!

A Personal Blog Showcases Your Unique Personality

Starting your personal blog using WordPress, Medium, or on your own website showcases your unique personality. When you consistently put out content that you create, you become a better communicator and writer. You’ll be known as an expert thought leader on certain topics that your target audience can relate to, choose to follow you, and share your work with their network.

Whether your audience agrees with your ideas and opinions is not important—the goal is to spark conversation and receive constructive feedback based on your content. Commit to a daily or weekly challenge of creating content about a variety of topics. Check out Seth Godin’s blog for a great example.

A Personal Website Showcases Your Value to the World

One of the best ways to showcase your value and portfolio is to create your own website using platforms such as Wix or SquareSpace. A professional website can include products or services you offer or showcase your mission statement and work timeline. It can also include your resume, samples of your work, and any testimonials from your clients or employers.

Set yourself apart from others through your networking platforms, email signature, personal blog, and personal website. Don’t be surprised when someone notices you for your talent and asks you for coffee! By strategically promoting your online presence, you can further advance in your career.


About the Author: Tina Chow

Tina Chow is a visionary changemaker, avid traveler, and passionate writer. She empowers leadership, personal growth, and career development through her creative content. Follow her blog for more of her work.


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