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LYP Grads, Where Are They Now? Part 1

Are you looking to gain the leadership skills and confidence to succeed professionally in your career?


The LYP program is a great opportunity to create the change you want in your life. Co-founded by the highly professional and award-winning educators Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan, the 2.5-day program is dedicated to empowering women to celebrate their worth and live their full potential.

In our 2-part ‘LYP Grads, Where are they now?’ series, we highlight the stories of a number of talented alumnae. After completing the program, they’ve gained a greater sense of self-awareness while having fully leveraged their skills and strengths to career success. In Part 1, we share the stories of Arevik (Special Projects Manager & 2016 LYP Grad) and Sujung Lee (Marketing Specialist & 2016 LYP Scholarship Recipient):

  1. Where were you prior to joining the LYP program? Why did you decide to join the LYP program?

Arevik: Several months before joining the LYP program, I was promoted to a senior management position. I decided to join the program to gain valuable insight on leadership development.

Sujung: Prior to joining the LYP program, I was a year into my job at the IT industry. I felt lost in my long-term plans and was looking to gain personal and professional development in my work. My industry is male-dominated and I wanted to be fully prepared and confident in my workplace, but I felt that I lacked the level of professionalism to succeed. I discovered the program and scholarship opportunity from my connection Jean, which was exactly what I was looking for.

  1. Where are you now in your professional life & how do you apply the program learnings in your career? What has been the biggest improvement/gain since taking the program? Please be specific (income, promotion, network, new career opportunities, growing into a leader, more recognition from etc)

Arevik: I currently assume the role of Manager – Special Projects at CCR Business Information Limited. I am engaged in various types of projects ranging from IT system development to employee production improvement. The LYP program geared me with excellent negotiation tools and helped me to grow into a leader. I feel more confident now during network events and feel ready to take more challenges.

Sujung: I hold a position as a marketing specialist and have immensely gained the confidence to speak in front of crowds of people without feeling nervous or incapable. The greatest change since taking the program has been my boost of confidence and the ability to negotiate a raise for my current position. My mindset prior was that asking for a raise was an act of arrogance. Through the program, I realized that my company won’t keep me there if they don’t think I’m doing a great job. I’ve felt the enlighten moment where I appreciate the work I do and feel comfortable enough to ask for what I truly deserve.

  1. Do you stay involved with the LYP community of mentors and alumna? If so, how?

Arevik: I am always happy to attend the events organized by LYP program. The recent talk series were a wonderful opportunity to meet the founders of the program and the alumna.

Sujung: I’ve been in contact with both mentors Jean and Lilit for a private panel discussion and networking event that was part the program. I didn’t start off as a confident speaker and has experienced difficulty speaking in front of others with a shaky voice. Jean has helped me speak more professionally and has given me the opportunity to moderate the panel discussion in May. It was an extremely memorable moment for me to improve my public speaking skills. The program also has a private LinkedIn group for alumnae to stay in touch. We were introduced to a network of professionals to connect with both online and in-person at the events.

  1. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to women who are experiencing the challenges you faced before the program?

Arevik: I would advise everyone to look at the challenge as an opportunity to grow. Having a plan and working diligently towards the plan will always pay off.

Sujung: My advice for anyone thinking about investing in their future is to take the program. Don’t be afraid, you have what it takes in you. You just have to show it. As women, we tend to say “sorry” often but we shouldn’t be apologetic about ourselves. We need to give ourselves more credit for coming this far; to not be so hard on ourselves.

  1. What’s next for you? What are your career aspirations now?

Arevik: I want to bring positive change and improvements anywhere I am working at. The knowledge acquired at LYP program will help me to bring to life all my plans and dreams.

Sujung: I want to be known as a diligent and responsible individual that performs well and exceed expectations. I want to continue to live a fulfilling lifestyle and obtain a managerial role in the nearby future.

Both Arevik and Sujung are prime examples of brave women who have learned life-long tools to produce desirable results. Now, they empower and educate other women to do the same. There is an abundant amount of positive energy that surrounds the LYP community where everyone is extremely engaging and encouraging for others to live their potential.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our ‘LYP Grads, Where are they now?’


About the Author: Tina Chow

Tina Chow is a visionary changemaker, avid traveler, and passionate writer. She empowers leadership, personal growth, and career development through her creative content. Follow her blog for more of her work.


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