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Stephanie's Update During Pandemic (#TagAnLypAlumna)


To my LYP Sisters:

I hope everyone is doing well and is safe! This is an unprecedented time in the world. Something that I would never have imagined happening in my lifetime. However, unfortunately, this pandemic is a reality and has effected everyone’s day-to-day lives in many different ways. The first 4 months were very challenging to say the least. I was forced to put my job as a Stylist and Esthetician on hold to really shift gears to focus on the safety and livelihood of my three boys. Not only did I become a full time stay-at-home parent, but also had to become a teacher/tutor for my boys. As many parents can relate, home schooling was no joke. From staying up to date with weekly school task to keeping my boys engaged was quite a challenging experience. And through this experience my respect and appreciation for teachers has quadrupled! While teaching, cooking, cleaning and entertaining my boys, here are four things that I did for myself to keep sane, fashionable and comfortable.

1.Get Organized

Because I had more time in my hands I was able to organize all my closets. From clothes to toys, I really purged and minimized the stuff that my children and I either grew out of and/or no longer used. Spending down time organizing allowed me to be calm in my thoughts and provided more and more clarity in my mind as each task was completed. 2. Little Chic Space

I always wanting to create an office space but never had the time. So I took the opportunity to put together a chic little office space in my room where I can work on business related task. Wayfair and Amazon are my new best friends! 3. From Heels to Trendy Flats

For those who know me know that I love my heels. But I had to retire them for the simple fact that the city was locked down with nowhere to go. So I discovered a new found love for slides. Not only are slides comfortable to do my daily walks I managed to find fabulous ones suitable to go with a wide range of my day-to-day outfits. 4. My Natural Hair Journey Spending time indoors away from the fast paced life allowed time for soul searching and self rediscovery. I usually present myself to the world with long straight weaves but I decided to give the weaves a break to really embrace and rediscover all the beautiful possibilities of my naturally curly black hair. And everyday I get better and better styling it and providing it with all care it needs to look it’s best. I encourage everyone to keep strong and take the time for self discovery. Continue to align your goals in the right direction and keep pressing in pursuit of Living Your Best Life!

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Cheers! Stephanie Stewart


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